George Usher

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George Usher, The End And The Beginning: 1990-2009: Press Comments 1990-2009

Village Voice: “One of New York’s best pop craftsmen.”

Miracle School
Pulse: “Miracle School offers a dozen examples of veteran New York tunesmith George Usher’s exquisitely crafted art-pop, which boasts a lyrical sensitivity and melodic sophistication that marks Usher as one of the New York scene’s most underappreciated resources.”(****)
Alternative Press: “A nineteenth century Romantic poet inhabits the body of a Beatles ‘n’ Byrds pop rocker.”

Dutch April
Pulse: “Usher is one of America’s foremost unsung pop auteurs.”
Amplifier: “If you haven’t already discovered George Usher, it’s time to tune in and enjoy his timeless, hum along pop music!”

Days Of Plenty
Songwriter’s Monthly: The George Usher Group has that distinctive vibe that somewhere in their record collection resides a stash of Beatles or Kinks albums. Catchy. Not quirky, but fun. A casual romp through guitar and harmony land.

Fire Garden
Uncut: “Fire Garden…is as close as it gets to a textbook definition of powerpop.”
Amplifier: “Usher proudly follows in the footsteps of Messrs. McGuinn and Petty.”

Sunday Fables (with Edward Rogers)
Yeah Yeah Yeah: “Sunday Fables is loaded with Rickenbacker-drenched pop goodies.”
20th Century Guitar: “Pop watchers are advised to pick up on the superb Sunday Fables.”

You Haven’t Been Where I’ve Been (with Edward Rogers)
Uncut: “Byrd (Roger McGuinn) adds gravitas to expat’s ‘60’s style set.”
Big Takeover: “A delightful LP with craft-a-plenty, boss tunes, honey production.”
Absolute Powerpop: “Some of the most haunting, evocative lyrics paired with subtle orchestral-like pop arrangements.”

Yours And Not Yours
All Music Guide: “George Usher has a resume that would raise the eyebrows of most fans of roots rock or contemporary powerpop”.
Big T: “Usher’s graceful melodies and emotional depth softly caress the ears and heart alike.”