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Days of Plenty by George Usher Group

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Days Of Plenty

George Usher Group



  1. Smoke That Kiss
  2. I’m Not Gonna Be Around
  3. Channel 104
  4. Days Of Plenty
  5. Crowded Mind
  6. The End And the Beginning
  7. Our World
  8. Counterfeit Delay
  9. Baby, Where’d You Go?
  10. Unfinished Prayer
  11. I Feel A Struggle Comin’ On
  12. Long Long Never

George Usher: Guitar, Organ, Piano, Mellotron, Lead Vocals
Doug Larcey: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dennis Ambrose: Bass, Vocals
John Bellon: Drums

Casey Jones: French Horn
Jane Scarpantoni: Cello
Diane Montalbine: Violin

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Days Of Plenty

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The End And The Beginning

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"Our World"

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"Crowded Mind"

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