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Dutch April by George Usher

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Dutch April

George Usher



  1. My Life With Jack The Fool
  2. Before The Next Bell Rings
  3. You Better Let It Go
  4. Wooden Nickel
  5. Orpheus Turning
  6. I Can Still See Her Eyes
  7. Violent Courtship
  8. Lucky Guess
  9. Why Don’t You Say What You Mean?
  10. Begging For Rain
  11. Another Fall From Grace
  12. Tomorrow’s Gonna Bring A New Man To Town

George Usher: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Mellotron
Doug Larcey: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dennis Ambrose: Bass, Vocals
Greg Mattison: Piano, Organ
John Bellon: Percussion
Doug Wygal: Drums

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"My Life With Jack The Fool"

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"Wooden Nickel"

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"Orpheus Turning"

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"Begging For Rain"

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