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Ludlow by George Usher's Lazy Gentlemen

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George Usher’s Lazy Gentlemen

(Lonesome Whippoorwill)


  1. Ludlow
  2. Pedigree
  3. As Long As It All Ends Happily
  4. One Light Out
  5. Roling Hills
  6. Knifepoint
  7. Mr. Robespierre
  8. The Garden Of Love
  9. The Love You Hide Away
  10. Good Doctor
  11. No One Even Knows How To Die For My Sins
  12. Anticipating You
  13. When I Opened My Eyes
  14. It Never Can Be Again

George Usher: Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Doug Larcey: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Mark Sidgwick: 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Lewis King: Percussion, Vocals
Martha Mooke: Electric Viola
Bill McGarvey: Percussion
Eddie Sperry: Sax

Mike Osborn: Percussion
Paul Scher: Sax
Dan Prater: Bass, Vocals
Vinnie DeNunzio: Drums

Selected songs from Ludlow

"The Love You Hide Away"

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"Good Doctor"

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