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Neptune by House of Usher

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House Of Usher

(Lonesome Whippoorwill)


  1. River to River
  2. Abilene
  3. Angel Born to Love
  4. Bone Swami
  5. You’re Only Spinnin’
  6. Avenue A
  7. Someone Else’s Clothes
  8. If Everything You Feared Came True
  9. Eternity
  10. Nine Hills
  11. Forgive and Forget
  12. Neptune
  13. Bob The Sadist
  14. Shoot To Kill
  15. Robin Hood

George Usher: Guitar, Organ, Lead Vocals
Doug Larcey: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Mark Sidgwick: Bass
Lewis King: Drums

Richard Barone: Background Vocals
Steve Almaas: Harmonica
Truus DeGroot: Bass, Vocals

Selected songs from Neptune

"River To River"

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"You're Only Spinnin'"

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"Angel Born To Love"

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"Forgive And Forget"

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